Parts Unknown #25: Raw

Um, that was a weird episode of Raw.


~ I actually liked Nexus coming out and ruining a potential tag match. That's not like me, I know, but since Nexus is being re-established as a legitimate threat, it made sense for them to demonstrate their dominance.

~ Alberto Del Rio made me smile. He's right; Americans have terrible taste in music.

~ The John Morrison/King Sheamus match. These two men have incredible chemistry together, and all of their matches have been spectacular.


~ The "initiations." I'm okay with the concept, but the execution was just...weird. CM Punk's feigned suicide attempt was too dark and it took up too much time. I mean, no one thought that he was actually going to jump. What was the point? When Punk flashed his harness, it almost seemed like Vince's way of saying, "See? We're all about safety first!" Who is he trying to convince? Martha Hart? The entire segment was awkward and disturbing.

~ Enough with Cole and Lawler hogging the spotlight. There are so many talented wrestlers on the Raw roster that are never given a chance to succeed.

~ Where the fuck is Jackson Andrews? Are you telling me that he was buried by Mark fucking Henry?

~ HBK is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Already? I thought that him being ranked #1 on the Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD was ridiculous, but this takes the cake (and eats it). I'm sorry, but in my opinion, the guy is grossly overrated.

After last week, I expected the quality of Raw to dip down a bit. After all, it fluctuates like the stock market. I wasn't expecting it to be this lousy, though. And yet, it's still better than anything that TNA has produced lately.

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