The Junkyard #5


If I chew gum, I'm going to chew Orbit gum. Since discovering this fine brand, a product of the Wrigley's subsidiary, I have very rarely strayed outside of Orbit and its colorful line of flavors. My personal favorites are Raspberry Mint, Lemon Mint (discontinued...insert sad emoticon here), Raspberry Lemon Dew, Mango Surf, Sweet Mint, Lime Melon and my latest obsession, Berry Red. I don't know how long this flavor has existed, but I just saw it for the first time last week. Orbit's official website hasn't been updated in eons, so I can't find any information on Berry Red. All I know is that it's delicious.

The packaging is as dull as dishwater. Solid pink? Really? The folks in charge of Orbit's cardboard casings are usually reliable in the design department, but Berry Red's wrapping paper is a letdown. I have to mention these things because I'm a thorough critic, but obviously, the packaging isn't as important as the gum itself. What does it taste like? It's hard to say. Put cherries, bubble gum and Hawaiian Punch in a blender. Press "blend," and you've got yourself Orbit Berry Red. It's a unique flavor, to be sure. As with all Orbit gum, the flavor lasts for quite some time.

Luckily, there are no hints of mint. One of the few failings of the Orbit brand is their tendency to force mint into flavors that don't need it, but Berry Red isn't weighed down by aromatic herbs. Aside from the packaging, this shit rocks! That should be Orbit's tagline instead of "A good clean feeling, no matter what."

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