Parts Unknown #43: Smackdown

I'm skipping straight to the ellipsis...


~ The CM Punk/Rey Mysterio match. I figured that Cody Rhodes would interfere (and he did), but at least we were treated to a solid match first.

~ I have mixed feelings on the Kofi Kingston/Wade Barrett match. On one hand, I'm glad that Wade can finally wear gold around his waist. The Corre is being booked better than The New Nexus. On the other hand, I'm worried about Kofi's future. Will he be elevated to "main event" status (again) or will he be future endeavored after Wrestlemania? It could go either way. I'm hoping for the former because the guy is extremely talented. I don't want to see him drift off to TNA.

~ The Edge/Drew McIntyre match. I didn't know which wrestler to swoon over...I mean, root for.

~ The rematch between Christian and Alberto Del Rio. It didn't outstrip their steel cage match, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Christian's involvement in the World Heavyweight Championship bout at Wrestlemania is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Yippee!


~ It pains me to scrawl this onto digital parchment, but The Undertaker's promo was boring. He didn't say anything. This program fucking sucks. Who are they fooling? Try as they might, this has been a lousy build-up to an encounter that doesn't feel as epic as Vince wants it to be. I'm sorry, but Triple H isn't on the same level as Shawn Michaels. Taker should be facing a young buck this year. Just my two cents.

~ The Diva's match came and went. It flew right under my radar. Wasn't LayCool on the verge of splitting up two weeks ago? What the hell happened?

That is all. For those interested, Chris Masters and Tyler Reks worked an incredible match on Superstars. Both men are on the Smackdown roster, and since they have cooked up a rivalry of sorts, I'm wondering if we'll see them feuding on the blue brand soon. Probably not. Such is life.

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