Parts Unknown #42: Superstars

This week, I'm taking a break from Raw. I'll still watch it, but I won't be reviewing it. Instead, I'm going to write my first review of WWE's Superstars. Why? Two reasons. For one thing, it's a fun wrestling show. It's a breezy hour of undercard matches (yay) and Raw recaps (nay). Out of the three shows that WWE currently airs, this one probably features the most in-ring action (Smackdown averages a few more minutes of wrestling per episode, but it's two hours long). The other reason why I'm reviewing Superstars is because it has just been canceled. The series finale airs next month. I want to review it before it disappears.

There are rumors that WWE will post this fine block of wrasslin' on WWE.com. Hopefully, those rumblings will hold true, as I would hate to see Superstars get the axe. In any event, I'm going to bypass the "pros/cons" format and comment on each of the three matches from this past week's edition of Jobbers to the Stars. Off we go...

JTG vs. Tyler Reks ~ I have no idea why Vince has kept Tyler around. He has been repackaged, pushed, demoted and completely forgotten about. I didn't like him at first, but I'm beginning to warm up to him. I think that I only resented him for inadvertently burying Kaval just before Bragging Rights. Anyway, this opening match had a lot going for it. There was plenty of back-and-forth one-upsmanship. I dug JTG's Spike DDT. Kudos to the commentators (Matt Striker and newcomer Jack Korpela) for putting over Tyler's finisher, The Burning Hammer. The Dreadlocked Demolition Man picks up the clean win.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov vs. The Uso's ~ I thought that this match was going to be the main event. It should have been the main event. I've said this a billion times, but The Uso's rock. They deserve a title reign. Naturally, they lost to Skipper and Gilligan in what should have been a longer, more involved tag team skirmish.

Natalya, Gail Kim, Tamina and Eve Torres vs. Melina, Alica Fox and The Bella Twins ~ Shockingly, this was the main event. And you know what? It was a solid match. With the partial exception of The Bella Bitches, everyone performed well. I liked the fact that Tamina acted as an enforcer by keeping the heels at bay outside the ring. The babyfaces are victorious. While I would have shuffled the order of the matches, this 8-Diva engagement ended the show on a positive note.

I may or may not review other episodes of Superstars. It just depends. This was just an experiment of sorts. I'm looking to widen the scope of this column, so expect further experimentation.

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