Parts Unknown #41: Smackdown

I watched Impact this week. Yeah. After that debacle, I was ready to watch a good wrestling show ("wrestling" being the key word...TNA doesn't know what that is), and sure enough, Smackdown came through in a big way.


~ This episode didn't waste any time getting to the first match of the night. Edge and Brodus Clay worked well together. I dig Clay's modified belly-to-belly suplex, though he needs to add a few more moves to his repertoire.

~ The "champion versus champion" match between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. It could have been longer, but I don't want to nitpick.

~ Cody Rhodes has officially become a modern day Mankind. He squashed an underutilized Trent Barreta with erratic fury. I like his new entrance music, even if it's just a remix of his usual theme.

~ Kelly Kelly was in rare form against Layla. She's not fit to polish Natalya's shoes and she's nowhere near the level of Beth Pheonix, but she's on the right track.

~ I don't give a shit about The Corre, but if Vince is setting up a handicap match between them and Kane/Big Show (talk about a one-two thunderclap), it may lead to fun times at Wrestlemania.

~ The Rey Mysterio/Ted DiBiase Jr. match. It was decent. That's all.

~ Yowzers! The steel cage main event between Christian and Alberto Del Rio was fucking gnarly. Plenty of cool spots, the best of which was the Samoan drop off the top rope. I love the fact that Christian went over. Is this foreshadowing? Will we see a three-way dance for the World Heavyweight Championship in Atlanta? Let's hope so.


~ Why is Maryse still serving as DiBiase's valet?

~ It was a strong match, but I wanted the Kofi/Sheamus bout to end in a no-contest. Poor Kofi. This is the worst Intercontinental Championship reign that I can recall.

And there you have it. This was a terrific Smackdown with a card full of in-ring action (eight matches total) and a fantastic main event. Goodnight, Internet!

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