Parts Unknown #39: Smackdown

There wasn't much storyline advancement on this week's Smackdown. Ergo, there isn't much to talk about. Here are three dots...


~ I liked the opening brawl. May I disrupt the chronological order of this column? Wait, why am I asking you? I'll do whatever the hell I want! Anyway, I want to go ahead and talk about the E&C reunion. I hope that it's not a "one night only" deal. This might be just what the tag team division needs. Of course, the main event was awesome. I would have liked to see more double-team maneuvers, but the finish made up for it (a tornado DDT into a flying elbow drop...sweet!).

~ Will Cody Rhodes be wrestling in a suit from now on? He better! He looked like a fucking maniac during his squash match against JTG. Genius.

~ Kaitlyn is a useless, yet scrumptious "superstar." She was almost impressive in the ring, but then again, she got a few assists from Layla. Eh, it could have been worse. It could have been a Velvet Sky match.

~ As expected, Drew McIntyre kicked ass in his match with Rey Mysterio, world-renowned luchabore (I put a lot of effort into that joke).


~ When did Kane become a babyface? It vexes me to no end when a wrestler turns for no apparent reason. The crowd didn't care. Who needs an explanation, right? Maybe he jerked his brother off during a commercial break. I can hear Michael Cole now. "That's a vintage handjob!"

~ Do the writers plan on utilizing Ezekiel Jackson? It's no wonder why so many mid-carders request their release from the WWE.

I know that I didn't recount Triple H's promo, but I didn't forget it. I'm just indifferent towards it. There was nothing wrong with it, but like I said earlier, none of the storylines were taken to new places. Apart from a couple of fun matches, this was an off week. Goodnight, moon!

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