Matches That Time Forgot

In filing these hyperlinks, I noticed that most of the videos (y'know, the actual matches that time forgot) have been taken down.  I urge you to click through them anyway, as I would hate to think that my exquisitely worded "intro" paragraphs were pecked out in vain.  Because of the WWE Network, a principal part of the bouts I selected were uprooted from YouTube.  If you look hard enough, you can probably find them yourself (try Dailymotion).

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Who (WWF, 1996)
The Skyscrapers vs. Jobbers (WCW, 1990)
"Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. Giant Gonzalez (WWF, 1993)
The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves (ROH, 2009)
The Stalker vs. The Goon (WWF, 1996)
Sting vs. The Great Muta (WCW, 1989)
Jay Lethal vs. Kip James (2008, TNA)
The Ultimate Warrior vs. Knobbs (WWF, 1991)
The Boogeyman vs. The Miz (WWE, 2006)
The Colossal Kongs vs. Jobbers (WCW, 1993)
The Hart Brothers vs. The Steiner Brothers (WWF, 1994)
Kronik vs. 3 Count (WCW, 2000)
The Impact Players vs. Rhyno/Chris Candido (ECW, 1999)
The Undertaker vs. Samu (WWF, 1993)
PG-13 vs. The Rock and Roll Express (USWA, 1995)
Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs. Rocky Maivia (WWF, 1997)
Demolition Smash vs. The Dragon (WWF, 1991)
Laurie Lynn vs. Magnificent Mimi (AWA, 1988)
John Cena vs. Bryan Danielson (WWE, 2003)
The Dynamic Dudes vs. The New Zealand Militia (WCW, 1989)
Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb (WWF, 1994)
The Great Khali vs. Tatanka (WWE, 2006)
The Nasty Boys vs. Faces of Fear (WCW, 1996)
Londrick/Cody Rhodes vs. WGTT/Daivari (WWE, 2007)
Lawler/Savage vs. Rude/Bundy (AWA, 1984)
Tatanka/The Nasty's vs. HBK/The Beverly Brothers (WWF, 1993)
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Galaxy (WCW, 1997)
Marty Jannetty vs. Mr. Hughes (WWF, 1993)
Wrath vs. The Renegade (WCW, 1998)
The Patriot vs. The Sultan (WWF, 1997)
Kaientai vs. Lo Down (WWF, 2000)
Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan (NJPW, 1983)
Vampiro vs. Prince Iaukea (WCW, 1998)
Ahmed Johnson vs. Shinobi (WWF, 1996)
The Road Warriors vs. The Samoan Swat Team (WCW, 1989)
Jinder Mahal vs. The Great Khali (WWE, 2012)
Sting vs. Hiroshi Hase (WCW-NJPW, 199?)
The Missing Link vs. Jobber (WWF, 1985)
Vader/Bam Bam vs. The Steiner (NJPW, 1992)
King Kong Bundy vs. Duke Droese (WWF, 1994)
The New Age Outlaws vs. The Holly Cousins (WWF, 1999)
Owen Hart vs. Razor Ramon (Stampede, 1995)
Madusa vs. Bull Nakano (WCW, 1996)
El Gigante/Big Josh vs. Black Blood/O.M.G. (WCW, 1991)
The Dudebusters vs. The Gatecrashers (WWE, 2010)
Gangrel vs. The Blue Meanie (WWF, 1999)
Harlem Heat vs. Stars & Stripes (WCW, 1995)
Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long (WWE, 2005)
Reese vs. Juventud Guerrera (WCW, 1998)
Shane Douglas vs. Black Bart (WWF, 1990)
The Dream Team vs. The Killer Bees (WWF, 1987)
Scotty Flamingo vs. Jeff Jarrett (USWA, 1993)
Gillberg vs. Luna Vachon (WWF, 1999)
The Hart Foundation vs. The Rougeau Brothers (WWF, 1987)
Sean O'Haire vs. Mr. America (WWE, 2003)
Monster Roussimoff vs. Strong Kobayashi (IWE, 1972)
Madusa vs. Patty Stonegrinder (WCW, 1999)
Sting vs. Hulk Hogan (WCW, 1995)
Warrior/The British Bulldogs vs. Fuji/Demolition (WWF, 1988)
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Ric Flair (WWF, 1992
Team Wrestle-1 vs. Team TNA (TNA, 2014)
The Iron Sheik vs. Dave Heath (WCW, 1989)
Daffney vs. MsChif (Shimmer, 2010)
Prince Devitt vs. Kenny Omega (NJPW, 201?)
Mr. Perfect vs. "Sean" Michaels (WWF, 1991)
Scott Steiner vs. "Stunning" Steve Austin (WCW, 1992)
Bobby Eaton vs. Abdullah the Butcher (WCW, 1991)

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